PAX 360

PAX360- Display important information and updates to passengers with our onboard display technology.
Connect with your Customers

PAX360 - Transport Information System

Eyevert PAX360 connects onboard large screens, personal devices and live interactive information to deliver your message to passengers. Onboard displays become your own live broadcast network to provide next stop, unexpected delays and emergency information that caters to everyone, including people with impairments and multilingual needs.


Where's my Bus?

Where’s My Bus is the latest in passenger engagement technology.

Passengers no longer need to wait at a stop wondering if the bus was early or had a major delay.

Where’s My Bus uses real-time data feedback for positioning, accessible by passengers.

Connected Passenger Systems proprietary technology provides live interactive graphical information to passengers no matter where they are, no app download required.


Advertising Revenue

Public Transport operators already know the high value of the advertising space they have on their vehicles.
Connected Passenger Systems, PAX360 upgrades that space to a highly intelligent digital interactive advertising opportunity.
Detailed ‘Airtime’ reports for advertisers increase the value of the platform.
Connected’s turnkey solution means we take care of everything, content management, programming, scheduling, uploads and changes.

Onboard Displays

Onboard Displays

PAX360 onboard displays are purpose built for vehicle application and installation. Easy to install, low voltage, multiple displays are networked via HDMI, audio can be connected by bluetooth or cable.

PAX360 onboard displays are the heart of the system. They are fully programmed at delivery making them true plug and play. Connected to Passenger Systems via its own 4G sim or using onboard WIFI.

NEW RELEASE - PAX360 can be adapted to existing screens.


VORTO Systems

VORTO is Latin for ‘be engaged’.

A revolutionary technology Connected Passenger Systems, designed for easy access. No app download, no fuss.

VORTO is accessible from every seat, standing location, stop or venue.

A fully customisable passenger gateway to a world of accurate and meaningful information, including live vehicle tracking, Where’s My Bus.

VORTO activity is monitored to provide anonymous data analytics on passenger engagement.