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Focused on Improving Passenger Experience During Transit

What We Offer

Solutions to Engage a Captive Audience

Passenger Systems has unique and easy to use technology that will improve the experience of all those using travel services. Thanks to our advanced technology we provide an almost instant upload of all new content to an entire fleet of vehicles or special broadcast to a single vehicle.

Interactive and Informative

Information and Engagement

Passenger Systems provides a wide variety of important information that will keep passengers informed, up to date and even entertained while they travel.

Connect with your Customers

Digital Information Specialists

Connected Passenger Systems are specialists in digital media and supports many popular systems such as:

  • Large Format Screens
  • Small Format Screens
  • Mobile Devices
  • Live Interactive Information
  • OOH Media Advertising
  • Geo-Targeted Information Delivery

Passengers are drawn regularly to the onboard displays with accurate meaningful service information. See our full range of products and discover ways to connect with your passengers.


Sydney Bus Example

Passenger Systems has the ability to solve this issue with onboard geo-targeted displays.

All Modern Platforms

Connect with Customers on Modern Media Systems

Digital Display

Large format digital displays used for showing off information, promotions or entertainment. 

PAX 360

PAX 360 allows businesses to connect with customers view their mobile phone.

Headrest Display

Provide entertainment and information within cars through the use of our content delivery service. 

Roof Top Display

Reach large numbers of people through attractive and attention grabbing rooftop display advertising.

Specialists in Transportation Media Solutions. Located in Perth WA.

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